Are siteswaps overrated?


I’ve noticed some people critiquing siteswap while reading about juggling on the web, I’m pretty sure this isn’t a new phenomenon, but I got the feeling that I was seeing it a bit more frequently lately.

A discussion about this started on reddit the other day. Maybe it’s something to discuss here as well.

Some quotes from the thread:

I feel like this is a bit over the top, I think that siteswaps wide usage makes it self-evident that it’s really good for juggling. But then again, Gatto didn’t use siteswap, right? :frowning:

I’d like to see more notation systems get used more together with siteswap, even if that other notation would be just writing out exactly what to do differently. I like siteswap since I find it simple and easy to use. I see not everyone feels the same, but I wonder what way of describing juggling in writing could be more simple. I think perhaps people have had it explained to them in a confusing manner? Speaking of which, what is the best siteswap tutorial out there? My favorite is this paper:


Did you heard about the Harmonic Throw Methodology from Jonathan Lardillier ?
Using siteswap on a grid, trajectory around the body and simplify Benesh


By all means, tell me more, or give me some links if you have found something cool and useful, I know about a few methods of notating trajectory around the body along with siteswap. I have mainly used Denis body notation.


and also graphic juggling notation can explain all this. Siteswap + trajectories + Benesh for jugglers body in simple readable form… :smiley: