Art that makes you think about juggling


Here is a mannequin challenge. ( It’s a small video where everybody acting like they are freeze in time.
Start with a club passing ! and others levitating object.



Pretty coool pic.
@psychonaut Any ref to find more info about it ?


Not art but work :

Doing two stuff at one


Cyborg juggling :


Quite funny you should say that I found this peace in my friends parents toilet room hung on the wall haha !


Everything is Everything by Koki Tanaka. One of my favorite video/performance pieces, full of clever manipulations of everyday objects


Another great piece by Koki Tanaka


Beer Paintbrush
In this video, artist Ben Moren performs two tasks with one motion


“Made Photogrphs” by Gluekit


Really cool art object by Hiwa K. The artist walks around cities while balancing the apparatus on his face, using the mirrors to see his way. The device acts as both an impediment and an aide to his movement





We talk about Juggling not renegade !