Juggling and Wayne McGregor's project ''Thinking with the body''


i was looking yesterday the project of the choreographer Wayne McGregor about dancing and the thinking of the body and i was wondering if it is possible to find any links with the connection of our bodies and the objects through this perspective.


Can you tell more about the perspective that you talk about ?


He is actually making a very good research about how creativity and cognitive thinking can transfer messages to the audience. So he makes different experiments about how creativity can be reinforced by outside architectural stimulation, from body to body transferred messages and from the decisions that artists make by themselves. By studying that he is trying to get deeper in the technology of the body and the tools that the dancers use to create a choreography and also the influence of exterior stimulation in the result. So i was thinking is it possible to do something like that in juggling? For example take a word, think about it architecturally and try to produce tricks based on that stimulation. But i think i might be a bit confused with all that :stuck_out_tongue:


Very nice TED to watch and listen.

I think you can use those tools as it is with juggling, yeah for sure.
But speed and messiness produce drop in juggling, less in dance.

You have to be very clean, very good and already be able to produce random juggling without drop for more than 3 minutes.
With 3 balls, it’s very likely to be able to built this kind of framework and after that use the creativity tool of M. McGregor.