Language wishlist thread (for fun)


A thread for you to post about tricks, props or maybe concepts in juggling you wish had a name, and maybe for stuff that you wish had a different name?

Luke Wilson mentioned that one of the first things you find out about a new prop that you want to research is to what extent it can be safely dropped. I believe having props with a high level of “dropability” (won’t break easily, won’t break the floor easily, won’t break the juggler easily) is of great importance if one wishes to do some casual juggling. Of course, it’s not the only factor, but I really wish there was a word to describe such an attribute. Maybe there is a suitable word?




Hammer are pretty durable, but your stuff around it, suddenly … isn’t anymor when you try a double pirouette under 5 hammers.


Before starting about the dropability of the object.
Something really annoyed me :
The name of backCross.
The ball clearly don’t cross your back for me. Cause you throw it after that it cross your back. So for me it’s a BackThrow.
The BackCross is this trick :

Also the bodytrick Frontcross. YEah, maybe that cross your front but a regular 5 also, so why not call it a BackCatch, cause you catch it in your back.

Well historical name …


Yeah, that’s part of it, having a single word for something that depended on the durability, hardness and weight and how the sharp the ends of the object are, could be useful since 2 objects could be very “dropable” for completely different reasons.

Oh man, don’t get me started on the different body throw names, heck even “bodythrows” is ambiguous, is it a category or butterflies/alberts? I wish one of the body throw notations caught on, well, it can still happen I suppose.


Oh i will start you on this !

Body trick is for me the mean family.

Confort zone : zone start and end of cascade, in front of the juggler, where he usually juggle.
Around the body : Where the hand that throw is between a part of the body and the confort zone
BodyThrow : a throw that tart around the body and end in the confort zone
BodyCatch : a throw that start in the confort zone and end around the body.

What do you think about this :
Jonathan Lardillier also has develop a way to talk about the juggle around the body. Will be available soon


I believe those terms you mention in the post are used in Denis Paumier’s notation as well, and I do like this notation, however for better or worse, a great deal of very different tricks which are notated in identical ways with this notation (well, it’s like that for tricks described by siteswap, and that’s still very useful). I think it’s a great way to assist in making creative grids and exploring possibilities, and I think it would be good if people used this notation more when describing their juggling.

Would for sure be cool to see Jonathan Lardillier’s take on notating body throws as well. Then there’s a variation that builds on Denis notation developed by Rauli Katajavuori called graphic juggling notation, which also mixed in siteswaps into one more visual system.


I suppose what I mentioned in the opening post could be talked about in terms of risk and cost of dropping, and that would also cover stuff like the surface you’re standing on, nature of the space you’re in, time of day etc.


i really wish the whole devilstick community would agree that jugglingsticks, devilsticks and flowersticks can all serve as an umbrella term including devils, flowers and hybrid builds but it is wrong to call a conical stick flowerstick or a stick with tassels devilstick, id also wish that the base pattern would universally be called tictac instead of idle.


The language for boxes is bad at the moment, specifically:

Inverted box has a pretty established meaning. Some people argue that it should be called upside down box (and that inverted box has the columns switched) (and, you know, fair enough. That is what inversion can mean) but those people are in the minority.

But inverted shower? It should mean the one-sided version of inverted box. But some people use it to mean continuous carries. Gah.

The hurricane comes when we introduce a fourth ball, getting into sprung cascade.

Remember that “columns-switched” verbiage? Well that falls apart. “Inverted” no longer means “throw the 2x above all of the other balls”, now it means “throw the 2x over two of the three other balls”. Or does it? The inverted sprung version where you throw the 2x over all the other balls isn’t beyond humanity, so we’ll need a name for that, too.

We need a naming scheme that scales with numbers of objects when in comes to boxes. It’s not going to stop at inverted sprung cascade.